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Following the New Testament Pattern

Just Christians

We at Ramsey Road church of Christ strive to be "Just Christians" as they were in the 1st Century. We follow the New Testament patterns: the plan of salvation, church organization, leadership of the church, and worship.

  • Christ is the head of the church
  • We have no earthly headquarters
  • Our singing is non-instrumental
  • Our preaching is Bible-based, scriptural
  • Our prayers are to God and in Jesus' name


The church meets at 4215 E. Ramsey Road

Sierra Vista, AZ 85650


Sunday Services

10 AM Bible Study

11 AM Worship


Only 12 Minutes from the Main Gate of Fort Huachuca

Directions: From Sierra Vista, take Hwy 92 SOUTH

turn left at Ramsey Road

and go one block EAST


  • We have the Lord's Supper every Sunday
  • Adult Bible class meets at 10 AM

Visitors are welcome!

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